Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fannie Farkles Ogle Dogs

Fannie Farkles Ogle Dogs
I was in Gatlinburg back in November when the weather was very pleasant, temperatures in the low 70's. As I was strolling the parkway enjoying the sunshine, I stopped in Fannie Farkle's to have myself a giant foot long corn dog.

Ogle Dogs Cooking
The corn dogs were on display in the front window of the store. Even after seeing them, I still ventured inside to buy one. You could smell the grease outside, a large tub of cooking corn dogs. I then noticed they didn't sell corn dogs, but Ogle Dogs. Apparently Ogle Dogs are the house favorite of Fannie farkle's.

Fannie Farkles Wrapper
With it being not busy, I thought I would get waited on right away. After all, there were only four people in the building. Three were already eating on the side counter and one was ordering a sausage sandwich. It took five minutes for one of the three cashiers to ask if I wanted something. (No, no, I'm just inside your corn dog building admiring the impressive art decco) A few minutes later, he wraps my corn dog up in this fancy Fannie Farke take out bag.

Fannie Farkles Ogle Dog
The cashier rang up my corn dog, the cost, $5 dollars plus tax. Yes, $5 dollars, and that was only for the corn dog, no fries, no chips, no beverage. Unwrapping the bag, I was met with this log. It smelled of old grease, and in a moment, I found that it tasted like old grease as well.

Continuing with the taste, it was well cooked, not burned, and the hot dog inside the dough was hot completely through. As corn dogs go, it was of regular tasting, but the old grease taste had a strong presence. After a few bites, the rest of the corn dog was laid to rest in the trash container outside of Fannie Farkle's.

PS: Technically, it was a a foot long corn dog, but upon inspection, it was two regular hot dogs on the same stick. Not splitting hairs here, just reporting the findings.

A 2 Star Rating

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